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What happens after I register

Currently, we are accepting partners who can drive volume and quality that meet Trimsy guidelines.

Once you sign in, You get the affiliate link you can post anywhere it is suitable for you.

Can I change or negotiate the Partnerize Terms and Conditions?

Yes, currently we will accept such negotiations and proposals.

Please, find more in

Do you have a user privacy policy?

Yes. Tracking users at an individual level is not allowed and against our program terms and conditions.

Partners are unable to include any user- or device-level identifiers such as IDFA, Android ID, publisher tracking ID, clickID, or any other data that identifies a particular user or device.

We also do not collect PII and do not have visibility into anything related, in accordance with our privacy policies.

Why I may not receive a commission?

Commision could be terminated if:
  • You may not receive a commission due to promotion in any explicit, violent or any illegal websites or materials.
  • Any kind of political, controversial and disastrous information, video, and hashtag should not be used for the promotion of brand.

How do I know if my tracking link is working properly?

To ensure your tracking link is working properly, click on your link(s) a few times.

Then, check Partnerize to see if the clicks appear in Analytics. If you do not see clicks tracked, please check the tracking link(s) to ensure that all necessary parameters are included. If you did not create the tracking links with the dsadsa. please consider doing so to ensure your links are properly configured.

Please be aware, to our program that you get commision from CPS (Cost Per Sale)

How do I understand the link?

To ensure proper tracking the link has to have affiliate token (at=)

And if custom campaign was created for your link, CT (ct=) required in order to track.


What are the payment terms and how quickly will I be paid?

Trimsy releases funds via the payments platform with a simple, rapid bank transfer to the partner. After you start generating sales and have hit the minimum payment threshold of $30 USD or equivalent for your chosen currency, your commission payment will be available almost instantly.

Please, use the link to request the release of funds

How do I know how much money I’ve earned?

Payout reflects the amount of commission you will earn, while Revenue is the total amount or value of purchases your users have made on any qualifying commissionable items from Apple Services.

Once I release a payment, how long will it take to show in my bank account?

This depends on your bank. Some banks have a holding period of 48 hours until they release funds to their customers. If you do not receive your funds after 8 days of the “paid date” timestamp in your platform, please reach out to our support team.

How do I see the payments that have been made to me?

In the Payments section, you can download a selfbill by checking the box(es) next to the desired selfbill(s), and then choosing the download option (either PDF or CSV format) from the Actions menu in the upper-righthand corner. The PDF contains an invoice for the total amount. The CSV contains a detailed view of all the individual approved transactions associated with the invoice total.

Can I combine and release payments if they are under $30 USD or equivalent?

No. Each tracked currency is required to hit the minimum threshold in order to be released.

What currencies can I choose to be paid in?

You can request to be paid in US dollars.

Will I be charged a fee when I release funds?

In certain situations, the bank receiving the funds may charge fees.

Are there taxes on my payments?

No, fortunately no taxes will be applied. Only you will be responsible for any applicable tax regulations outside of our platform and partners program.

Will VAT be included?

If you provide a VAT ID, the applicable VAT amount will be removed.

Can I have my VAT number included even if you can’t pay VAT into my country?

Yes. Simply select “Not registered for VAT” but include your VAT number in the box provided and it will appear on your selfbill, whether it is included or not.

I’ve released a payment but my bank details aren’t correct. What should I do?

Please email immediately and we will attempt to stop the payment before it is processed, or an amendment will be sent.

I’ve lost my account details. What should I do?

Follow here to try to recover you account.

Otherwise, please email to so we can help as soon as possible.

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